Complex Cooperative Management Philosophy results in a management relationship that is more than just a contract on paper: it's a highway to success! We understand that managing an association means that we touch the lives and finances of communities and families. In just a few years of managing common ownership communities, we have refined our ability to address each community's individual requirements within the parameters of association management standards. We recognize the unique character of your community. At Complex, we believe that your community is more than its physical structure. It is the foundation which allows your families, friends and neighbours to determine and, hopefully, achieve their dreams.


A well-maintained community is an island in a shifting sea of probabilities. Waves of adversity rise from the world around us to threaten it. Even when the seas are calm, the tides of time can erode the best of community improvements. Complex is your shield against the storm. With time-tested management services, we ease these difficulties by providing a strong framework of protection and service, and create a safe harbour for your home. Our staff has the ability to identify and solve your maintenance issues quickly and effectively, utilizing our network of carefully screened vendors. Our workers know the level of service and quality our clients expect. As part of our maintenance program, we provide regular site inspections of the property, present our findings to the Board, and assist in securing bids when maintenance work is necessary. We even identify expected times of replacement when times are quiet, and contract companies to provide a replacement reserve study to anticipate the needs of the community before they become a problem. With our Online Services, residents can view all the funds & expenses in detail as we believe that transparency of funds is the strength of an administration company. Residents can even report maintenance concerns from anywhere and at any time. Let Complex help you navigate the seas of uncertainty and protect your community from the tides.



Complex employs a dedicated and diverse team of individuals to tackle this challenging business. The environment demands adaptive and creative thinking to meet the day-to-day needs and unexpected challenges that our clients face. Thanks to the flexibility granted by our online database, any one of our employees can respond to the requests of our clients. In other words, if the community manager is at a meeting, any of our personnel can respond to the issue of the day and keep the flow of business moving. Complex employees use the latest technology to stay connected even while on the move, allowing us to bring our clients request system online or even to Board Meetings! We will never be too far away from the answer that you need.

Our Pride

We are given the privilege to be involved in your community. Given the opportunity to witness the success of your personal dreams, invited to attend and assist while we observe each and everyone's personal narrative. We are part of your neighbourhood. We watch as friends, families and strangers forge together, tethered by their personal experiences and circumstance. We are Complex.