Flat Number


Flatnumber is an online tool which assists in organizing a condominium in a simple logical way; a practical real-time solution both for administrators and condominium owners (or neighbors). Traditionally most of the neighbors of an apartment block had very limited access to updated information. Key information such as emergency procedures, finance details, bills payment were normally difficult to access in a timely and easy manner. The classic way of administering a condominium was built on pre-internet methodologies. Today, thanks to the high rate of internet penetration in households and businesses, the whole way of organizing and living in a condominium can be redefined. Flatnumber provides the owners with what we think they deserve and what today is the way of doing things; real-time updated information, easy to access, easy to understand and with the level of granularity they need.


• Viewing expenses 24/7 online;
• Viewing of Funds collected;
• View Personal balance;
• Home page gives you a pie chart of how funds are being spent according to activity;
• E-mailing system;
• On-line voting system;
• Residents can create a job call out (job ticket) for any maintenance work – even a simple bulb change – items can be viewed to see if call out is still pending;
• Ongoing works will be displayed with updated photos;
• Agenda is a calendar of planned works or meetings to be held so everyone is informed of all the activities;
• And many more items.