The governing documents of a Condominium Act are a lot like a lighthouse on the shore: they guide people to safety and away from danger. Just like the lighthouses of by gone days, the governing documents require a watchman to sound the alarm to those who unknowingly put themselves at risk; for many, we are that watchman. Complex recognizes that each Association's governing documents are tailored to meet that Association's unique needs, and our team members work with the Board and community members to guide them along the safe passage to the appropriate solution. So as to ensure that all common parts of apartments, villas and similar units are always well maintained and looked after, Maltese law requires that the owners of each individual residential block must register the condominium and that this, in turn, should be administered.



• Condominium administration fees (selected by the residents or by the developer for the first year of a new building).
• Yearly Maintenance fund contribution that include the following:

1) Water & electricity consumption and meter rent.
2) Preventative maintenance agreements on equipment such as Lifts, Communal pools, Fountains, pumps, motorised doors etc..
3) Authorises inspections by local authorities to safe guard equipment & building safety.
4) Registration fees with local authorities.
5) Telephone line registration, rental & usage.
6) Insurance of building and equipment.
7) Extraordinary works required to safe guard the property from damage.
8) Upgrades as agreed by the majority of the residents.
9) Consumables & parts required.
10) Any other upkeep items that the building may require.